MMU High School


Periods 7,8

Room 421

Mrs. Marshall
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Unit 1:Introduction to Statistics
Unit 2:Gathering Data - Study design and description of data
Unit 3:Graphing Data
Unit 4: Statistics
Unit 5: Regression - Part 1
Unit 6: Probability
Unit 7:  Probability Distributions (including the normal curve)
Unit 8: Confidence Intervals
Unit 9: Hypothesis Testing
Unit 11: Chi Square Tests
Unit 12:  Regression - Part 2

Useful Links

AP Central

AP Statistics home page on
Stat Trek - A Sample AP Multiple Choice Test
Web site for our textbook
AP Stats - old exams on the College Board website
Website with tutorials for many of the topics in this class
TI 83/84 Guide for Stats
AP Central - last minute review of what's on the exam